On Tarrying

On Tarrying
Joseph Vogl, Helmut Muller-Sievers
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Western culture has been marked by deep divisions between action and contemplation, intervention and passivity, and decisiveness and withdrawal. Conceived as radical opposites, these terms structure the history of religion, philosophy, and political theory, and have left their imprint on the most intimate processes of individual decision-making and geo-political strategies. But, in On Tarrying, Joseph Vogl argues for a third way, a mode of thought that doesn’t insist on these divisive either/ors. Neither an active refusal to engage with the world nor a consistent strategy of resistance, tarrying, as defined by Vogl, defers, multiplies, and suspends the strictures of decision-making.

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Joseph Vogl is professor of modern German literature, cultural studies, and media at the Humboldt University in Berlin and is currently a visiting professor of German at Princeton University. His books include Place of Violence: Kafka's Literary Ethics and Law and Judgement: Contributions to a Theory of Politics. Helmut Muller-Sievers is the Eaton Professor of Humanities and Arts and the director of the Center for the Humanities and Arts at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His other books include The Cylinder: Kinematics of the 19th Century.

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