Grim Investigations

Arkham Horror: The Collected Novellas, Vol. 2

Grim Investigations
Richard Lee Byers, Amanda Downum, Jennifer Brozek
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The bold investigators of Arkham Horror are humanity' s best hope against monstrous terrors from beyond the void, in this second collection of extraordinary eldritch novellas To Fight the Black Wind by Jennifer Brozek - psychologist Carolyn Fern' s treatment of a patient' s terrifying nightmares tears open a doorway into the Dreamlands and the Elder Gods. The Blood of Baalshandor by Richard Lee Byers - the arcane tomes of Miskatonic University are an irresistible lure for stage magician, Dexter Drake and his assistant Molly Maxwell, where they soon fall prey to dark forces. Dark Revelations by Amanda Downum - when author Gloria Goldberg visits Arkham to complete the unfinished novel of her fellow author, its words escape the page and transform Arkham. Also featuring the essential Investigator Origins stories, drawn from deep in the Arkham Horror archives.
"A great and engaging story that tells a new tale of the Cthulhu mythos while dropping in a few famous faces. . . a big hit with fans both old and new. " * - Mass Movement on Wrath of N' kai * "The Last Ritual is one of the most enjoyable and memorable occult horror thrillers that I have read in a long time. " * - SciFi and Fantasy Reviewer *
JENNIFER BROZEK is a multi-talented, Bram Stoker Award-winning author, Hugo Award-nominated editor, and Scribe Award-winning media tie-in writer. She is also a prolific short story author and is an active member of SFWA, HWA, and IAMTW. She shares her husband, Jeff, with several cats and often uses him as a sounding board for her story ideas. RICHARD LEE BYERS is the author of over fifty fantasy and horror novels, including a dozen set in the Forgotten Realms universe. A resident of the Tampa Bay area, the setting for many of his horror stories, he spends much of his free time fencing and playing poker. AMANDA DOWNUM was born in Virginia, and has since spent time in Indonesia, Micronesia, Missouri, and Arizona, with brief layovers in California and Colorado. She lives in Austin with her partner and their snake, and can be found haunting absinthe bars, goth clubs, and other liminal spaces. Her hobbies used to include cooking hearts and rock climbing, but now most of her time is devoted to studying Mortuary Science. Her day job sometimes lets her dress as a giant worm.