Mila Vasquez #01: Whisperer, The

Mila Vasquez #01: Whisperer, The
Donato Carrisi
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Six buried arms. Six missing girls. A team led by Captain Roche and internationally renowned criminologist Goran Gavila are on the trail of a serial killer whose ferocity seems to have no limits. And he seems to be taunting them, leading them to discover each small corpse in turn; but the clues on the bodies point to several different killers. Roche and Gavila bring in Mila Vasquez, a specialist in cases involving children, and Mila discovers that the real killer is one who has never lifted a finger against the girls - but merely psychologically instructs others to do his work: a 'subliminal killer' - the hardest to catch'
Gruesome and gripping...a taut psychological thriller The Times More than delivers on its ghoulish might not want to read this alone in the house Time Out Gripping, multi-layered and difficult to put down, this is a top class literary thriller Choice A gripping read...I defy anyone to guess the denouement Guardian
Donato Carrisi was born in 1973 and studied law and criminology. Since 1999 he has been working as a TV screenwriter. He lives in Rome.