Thorgal Vol. 22: I, Jolan (Graphic Novel)

Thorgal Vol. 22: I, Jolan (Graphic Novel)
Grzegorz Rosinski, Yves Sente
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Jolan has agreed to leave his family and serve Manthor, after he saved Thorgal' s life. The mysterious mage has promised him an exceptional destiny if, that is, the young man proves worthy of it. So begins a series of trials during which Jolan, on his own at first, will meet four other youngsters. They, too, have unusual powers. They, too, are on their way to Manthor' s castle. Will they be allies, or enemies?
Grzegorz Rosinski is one of the most popular artists of comic books in Western Europe. Among his later works are the series Chninkel (with Van Hamme) and a series titled Lament of the Lost Moors (with Jean Dufaux). In 2001, the Rosinski/Van Hamme duo published yet another comic book titled Western, based in the American Old West. Yves Sente began writing scripts in 1999 and has already acquired considerable clout, being chosen as successor to original creator Jean Van Hamme for the series Thorgal and the sequel to XIII and also working on Blake & Mortimer.