Smoked: How to Flavour, Cure and Prepare Meat, Seafood, Vegtables, Fruit and More

Smoked: How to Flavour, Cure and Prepare Meat, Seafood, Vegtables, Fruit and More
Devin Hart, Jeremy Schmid
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Following the success of Bangers to Bacon Jeremy Schmid takes it a step further with Smoked and demonstrates the wide scope of this ageold art of preserving food. The enticing aroma of wood smoke is hard to beat but you don't necessarily have to cook outdoors to create that sweet salty smoked flavour. Smoking units can be created for the stove-top, in a barbecue, or in a cabinet outside. Jeremy describes the difference between hot and cold smoking, explains wood fuels and spices to blend and balance the right level of smoky flavours and uses step-by-step photos to show the process. Individual sections on meat, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, dairy, eggs and nuts begin with technique and lead on to showcase delicious recipes Jeremy has developed using smoked foods. Make your own mouth-watering pastrami, or try Smoked Snapper Pie, Beer-crusted bread with Smoked Butter and Roast Apricots with Smoked Mascarpone for dessert.
Jeremy Schmid has worked as a chef in New Zealand and in Europe, and did a postgraduate study course at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley. He has developed an individual style incorporating a special interest in preparing cured meats and seafood. Having sold his successful 215 Dominion Road bistro, he is now chef at The Officer's Mess at Fort Takapuna in Auckland. His first book Bangers to Bacon was placed third in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2012. Smoked is his second book. Devin Hart is a highly creative freelance photographer with considerable experience working with images of food. His work appears in a number of books and food magazines and this is his second collaboration with Jeremy Schmid and fourth with New Holland Publishers. Devin also photographs on commission, extensively for Getty Images. He lives in Auckland.