Simple Origami

Over 50 Pretty Paper Folding Projects

Simple Origami
Adeline Klam
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This is origami at its most simple and elegant. With a special focus on photographic step-by-step instructions, this book makes it easy to create over 50 different paper projects, from sea lions to sailing boats. Detailed illustrations show exactly how and where to place your hands at every step and projects are given a difficulty rating for ease of reference. Simply follow the diagrams and watch origami creations of all kinds come to life at your fingertips. Brought to you from the Parisian boutique of Adeline Klam, this book is full of beautiful designs, fun toys, useful tips and paper surprises of every shape and size.
With no more than a square of paper, a touch of glue or a thread of string, there appears at her fingertips, as if by magic, fold after fold of surprise and wonder. This is the work of Adeline Klam. Trained at the Duperre school in Textile Arts and Printing, Adeline has always loved the interplay of pattern and colour. But her passion for paper really began when she discovered Japanese paper or washi. Travelling to traditional paper factories in Japan, she was inspired by the beauty of these original designs; over time she learned to master this material and now runs a workshop and boutique where she exhibits and sells her creations, from origami garlands to decorative stationery. She is the author of numerous books, including The Paper Bible and Furoshiki Workshop. Enter the colourful world of Adeline Klam by going to her website at www. adelineklam. com and follow her on Instagram and Pinterest @adelineklam