Prince Valiant Vol. 22: 1979-1980 (Graphic Novel)

Prince Valiant Vol. 22: 1979-1980 (Graphic Novel)
Hal Foster, John Cullen Murphy
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Val, deprived of his Singing Sword, is enslaved in the Berber salt mines. A death watch has begun for the bedridden King Arthur, and the monarch' s half-brother Mordred plots to usurp the throne. Aleta investigates a murder in Cornwall. This volume includes a tour of Prince Valiant' s England by Vanity Fair and The Atlantic editor Cullen Murphy, John Cullen Murphy' s son, who begins his long tenure as the strip' s scriptwriter with this volume. Plus: Todd Goldberg' s examination of the historical reality behind the Prince Valiant strip continues.
In the grand tradition of Arthur Rackham and Howard Pyle. . . Every panel packs a punch.
Hal Foster (1892-1982) created Prince Valiant in 1937. Though remaining involved with the strip until his death in 1982, Foster handed the bulk of the scripting and art chores over to his longtime assistant, John Cullen Murphy, in 1971. John Cullen Murphy, a six-time recipient of the National Cartoonists Society' s "Best Story Strip" for his work on Prince Valiant, continues to draw the strip from his home in Connecticut, while his son, Cullen Murphy, writes the strip in between serving as the Managing Editor for The Atlantic.