BookLife Readers: Pop it in the Sack & Go, Ken, Go!

BookLife Readers: Pop it in the Sack & Go, Ken, Go!
Robin Twiddy, Amy Li
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Pop It in the Sack Den is a dog and he likes to tidy up. Follow Den as he pops the different things he finds into his sack. Go, Ken, Go! Go, Ken, go! Ken is on the go, and he is running late to a party. Can he make it there on time, without getting in a mess?
Robin Twiddy worked in many fields before becoming a children' s author. He draws on this wealth of experience, his time as a father and an educator, to infuse his books with humour, a sense of wonder and charm that make them accessible and enjoyable for all ages. Robin has a passion for any creative endeavour and spends his spare time writing songs, drawing, painting and designing tabletop games.