Life Ritualized

A Witch's Guide to Honoring Life's Important Moments

Life Ritualized
Phoenix LeFae LeFae, Gwion Raven
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Make your experiences more sacred and meaningful with this book s guidance on ritualizing life s many transitions, no matter how big or small. Phoenix LeFae and Gwion Raven help you commemorate rites of passage, including lesser acknowledged ones like getting a driver s license. Life Ritualized offers detailed instructions for group and solitary activities that enrich these moments for witches and Pagans. Whether it s a weighty occasion like birth, marriage, or death, or a more private one like blessing a new house or changing jobs, this book provides everything modern witches need to make it a moment of reflection and reverence. Featuring ritual basics and guidelines for creating your own unique rites, Life Ritualized brings deeper spiritual experiences into your life.
Little Ceremonies for BIG mysteries! This book will take you on a self-exploration of life. Life Ritualized is raw, touching, sensitive, and inspiring, the authors have a deep understanding of the magick of being human. Grounded in history but with a refreshingly honest acceptance of the modernity of neopaganism it explores the milestones and age old rites of passage that so often give our lives depth and meaning. Regardless of your path, this brilliant book provides you with fully inclusive and meaningful rituals for any occasion. --Tara Sanchez, author of Urban Faery Magick: Connecting to the Fae in the Modern WorldIn so many ways, this book fills a critical need in writing on modern witchcraft. LeFae and Raven have crafted an extraordinary labor of love in honor of rituals; this nuanced work explores the sacred nature of ritual for some of life' s--and death' s--most transformative and sacred moments. Few other books on witchcraft have ever left me feeling so profoundly seen, inspired, and empowered. It is easily one of the best new works in the last decade. --Elliot Director, author and witch
PHOENIX LeFAE (Sebastopol, CA) is a professional reader, rootworker, teacher, and ritualist who has been practicing witchcraft for twenty-five years. She is also the author of Walking in Beauty (9780738762555) and What Is Remembered Lives (9780738761114). www. PhoenixLeFae. com . GWION RAVEN (Sebastopol, CA) has been a practicing witch and ritualist with the Reclaiming Tradition since 2003. He is also the author of The Magick of Food. www. GwionRaven. com

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