Library Management

A Practical Guide for Librarians

Library Management
Bridgit McCafferty
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Most professional librarians, even recent graduates, manage something, whether it be a project, service, department, or a whole library. This book explains the different managerial roles at libraries, looking at the levels of managers, what they do, and how they do it. The goal is to explore the unique challenges faced by different types of library managers, in order to prepare early and mid-career librarians to step into new roles, and to think about how they might progress toward upper-management in a library. The approach is practice-driven, with a particular focus on the soft skills that are needed to be successful as a manager. Library Management: A Practical Guide for Librarians features three parts: project management, middle management, and upper management. These sections cover the different kinds of challenges that face people at each level of their career, exploring how these challenges can help prepare librarians for promotion to the next level. The purpose of these sections is to show how management skills develop over the course of one' s career, and to explore how leaders changes from context to context. Though each section focuses on a particular level of authority, the lessons can be useful for and applied to all of the levels discussed. For example, the same librarian might fill different roles in different contexts. A dean might serve as a library' s executive, but also manage a university-wide project or a middle manager might step into the role of dean temporarily, or might wonder what the next level of management would require.
Leadership is an essential skill for librarians to develop, but it is often difficult to know where and how to begin. Encompassing many facets of leadership from project management to senior administrative work, this book provides models for leadership development at every career stage. McCafferty' s practical and candid approach will inspire readers to develop their own authentic leadership styles to more effectively respond to the ever-changing dynamics of today' s complex information environment. --Carrie Forbes, PhD, associate dean, University of Denver Libraries Library Management: A Practical Guide for Librarians by Bridgit McCafferty brings together the theoretical and the practical side of library management in an easy-to-read guide. The chapters are brief so that they can be read at one sitting. New librarian managers will find McCafferty' s guide an excellent desk top reference guide from day one of their management careers. --Jeff Coghill, coeditor, Developing Librarian Competencies for the Digital Age, and outreach librarian, Laupus Library, East Carolina University
Bridgit McCafferty is the dean of the university library at Texas A&M University-Central Texas, and has led the library for seven years. Prior to this, she was in charge of reference and instruction services for the library. She coauthored British Postmodernism: Strategies and Sources, and has written several book chapters about library assessment and library support for nontraditional students.