How Do You Adult?

Doodles, Essays, and Other Thoughts on Adulting

How Do You Adult?
Frances Roth
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A funny and irreverent look at friendships, dating, networking, mental health, physical health, work-life balance, and all the challenges that accompany adulting. Whether you' re crawling through your work week toward that delicious slice of pizza and a nice cold beer, surviving a crazy get together with your "totally-normal-and-not-at-all-insane" family, or dealing with a serious case of the Mondays, just know you' re not alone in this. How Do You Adult? provides invaluable observations and insight about the problems and weird occurrences we all come across in everyday adult life. This humorous collection of illustrations, charts, graphs, and comics focuses on the good, bad, and #relatable parts of being an adult. It' s a full-frontal view of what adulthood really is: a bunch of humans who have no idea what they' re doing. The majority of these comics depict the same red-haired girl-named Franna-an avatar the author uses to express her facetious and (usually) inappropriate inner thoughts. From the importance of tending to one' s mental health to vivid discussions about how bowel movements almost always come at inconvenient times, the topics covered run the gamut. Other topics include: The woes of datingHow to cope with making mistakesWork-life balanceDealing with Imposter SyndromeAnd more! This is a book that describes how truly messy adulthood can be, and reveals what' s behind the curtain of being a "grown-up" (spoiler alert: it' s not pretty). It takes a step back to say, "If you' re having a hard time, it' s alright. Even more than that, it' s normal. " This essential resource if perfect for anyone who needs a good laugh or wants to look like they' ve got it all together (even though none of us do).
Frances Roth is a twenty-five-year-old "young professional" (whatever that is) originally from Illinois. She graduated from Northern Illinois University with her bachelor' s degree in chemistry. Upon graduating, she started working full time and quickly found herself frustrated with the corporate world. As an outlet for her to vent her working gal frustrations, Frances turned to art (and also wine) and @HowDoYouAdult was born. She now lives in Jacksonville, FL with her cat Pickles.

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