Happy Endings

Happy Endings
Bella Green
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Bella Green is a Sunday-afternoon sex worker. Divorced dads, IT nerds, international students - she' s here for the idiosyncrasies of human behaviour, for soothing the lonely. But really for the cash. From an entrepreneurial kid to a young woman trying to find herself (and desperate to stay out of call centres), Bella started sex work for the glamour and the taboo. Instead, she found her place in this surprisingly mundane and often entertaining industry, where the hierarchy is strict, the names are fake, and spare towels always come in handy. Taking us on a funny, candid, can' t-look-away journey through brothels, strip clubs, peep shows and dominatrix dungeons, Happy Endings is a hilarious and compelling memoir from a bright and bold new Australian voice. Praise for Bella Green' A brilliant stand-up comedian. ' Wil Anderson' The voice modern comedy needs. ' DeAnne Smith' Authentic, hilarious, and uplifting. ' WeekendNotes' No holds barred . . . Smart as a whip . . . Green' s the real deal who wants everyone to get their happy ending. ' Adelaide Advertiser
Bella Green is a stand-up comedian, writer and sex worker living in Melbourne. She got her start in comedy by telling jokes in brothels to anyone who' d listen. Now she tells jokes in some of the best comedy rooms in the country. ? Her debut stand-up hour, Bella Green is Charging for It, answers all the questions you' d never thought to ask about the adult industry. It was nominated for Best Comedy at the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival, and awarded Best Comedy at this year' s Adelaide Fringe Festival.