Global Luxury in Renaissance Venice

Global Luxury in Renaissance Venice
Christopher Maxwell, Karine Tsoumis, Gardiner Museum
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An unprecedented exploration of Venetian maiolica set in a vibrant context of hybridity and exchange. Introduced by migrant potters ca. 1500, the medium offers a unique point of entry into Venice' s material world shaped by Mediterranean trade and local luxury production. This exhibition catalogue explores maiolica' s multifaceted connection to objects ranging from Islamic metalwork to Venetian glass. Accompanying an exhibition held at the Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Global Luxury in Renaissance Venice explores the role of maiolica within the vast range of luxury objects made in Venice and imported into the city, highlighting the place of the medium at the nexus of cross-media and cross-cultural exchanges. Thematic discussions investigate the circulation of artefacts and the migration of ornament, the potter' s workshop and artistic lineage, and maiolica' s position in the material culture of splendour that characterized elite interiors. The book addresses works made in the thriving workshops of Jacomo da Pesaro and Domenego da Venezia, and suggests a connection between the rise of villeggiatura in the mid-sixteenth century and the ascent Venice' s maiolica industry.
Karine Tsoumis is curator of the historical collections at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto