Giving Voice to Diversity in Criminological Research

'Nothing about Us without Us'

Giving Voice to Diversity in Criminological Research
Orla Lynch, James Windle, Yasmine Ahmed
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Offers clear policy responses for areas including victims of crime with intellectual disabilities, reintegration of perpetrators of sexual crime and drug care vs. crime and searching for work with a criminal record. The people most impacted by criminal justice policies and practices are seldom included in the decision-making processes that affect their lives. Building on the ' nothing about us without us' social movement, this edited volume advocates an inclusive approach to criminology that gives voice to historically marginalised, silenced and ignored groups. Incorporating the experiences of service users, academics, state and grassroots practitioners, this volume considers how researchers might bridge the gap between theory and lived experience. It furthers criminological scholarship by capturing the voices of marginalised groups and exploring how criminology can authentically incorporate these voices.
Orla Lynch is Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Associate Dean of Graduates Studies at University College Cork. James Windle is Lecturer in Criminology at University College Cork. Yasmine Ahmed is a Ph. D Candidate in Criminology at University College Cork.