The Fortune Of The Winczlavs Vol.1 (Graphic Novel)

Vanko, 1848

The Fortune Of The Winczlavs Vol.1 (Graphic Novel)
Jean Van Hamme, Philippe Berthet
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1848. In Ottoman-occupied Montenegro, young doctor Vanko Winczlav is one of the leaders of a popular uprising. Betrayed, wanted by the authorities, he flees the Balkans for the United States in the company of a Bulgarian refugee, Veska, whom he marries to allow her to enter New York legally. So begins the history of a family closely entwined with that of a still new country going through many transformations.
Jean Van Hamme is one of the most acclaimed writers of European comics. Among his many successes, let' s mention Thorgal with Rosinski, XIII with Vance and Largo Winch with Francq, but also Lady S. , Wayne Shelton, Authorised Happiness, and several volumes of Blake & Mortimer - all published by Cinebook. Philippe Berthet is a French ' ligne claire' artist. After a remarkable entrance onto the comics scene in Spirou Magazine with Couleur Cafe in 1980, he created, among others, Le Prive d' Hollywood, Les Exploits de Poison Ivy as well as Pin-up with Yann.