Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs
Alison Lurie
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' If you' re coming to Lurie for the first time, you must begin with the Pulitzer Prize-winning Foreign Affairs' Guardian Vinnie Miner is an American professor of children' s literature on her way to London for six months of research. Settling into her aeroplane seat she finds herself accosted by Chuck, a brash engineer wearing cowboy boots. She never imagines she' ll see him again. But wet, windy London turns out to be the setting for fresh beginnings, and for Vinnie, a place to take up space, breathe the air, and to refuse to become a minor character in one' s own life. Foreign Affairs is a comic, heart-wrenching masterpiece of unexpected romance. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY AMANDA CRAIG
I devoured the book at a sitting and then went back for a second dip at once * Sunday Telegraph * If you' re coming to Lurie for the first time, you must begin with the Pulitzer prize-winning Foreign Affairs * Guardian * Lurie. . . has quietly but surely established herself as one of this country' s most able and witty novelists * New York Times (1984) * Perhaps more shocking than she knows - shocking like Jane Austen, not Genet In Foreign Affairs no detail lacks its special piquancy. And none can be savored without leaving you with a mouthful of barbed hooks * New York Times *
Alison Lurie, born in 1926, is an American writer and academic. She has published nine novels, including Foreign Affairs, which won the Pulitzer Prize, one collection of short stories and several works of non-fiction. She has also taught literature, folklore, and creative writing at Cornell University since 1969 and is the Whiton Professor of American Literature emerita. She lives in upstate New York but during her career has routinely spent time in Florida and London, providing inspiration for her novels. Her career as a writer has seen critical and commercial success, and in both her fiction and academic work she has done much to promote the study of children' s literature. She has three sons and three grandchildren.