Everything You Need to Know About OCD

Everything You Need to Know About OCD
Lynne M Drummond, Laura J Edwards
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Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by troublesome and persistent thoughts that make you feel anxious? Do you feel an urge to wash your hands repeatedly, or check appliances over and over, to help ease your anxiety? Do you feel panicked about what might happen if you did not perform these rituals? You may be struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD is a common, yet distressing condition, but one that is responsive to modern treatments. Everything You Need to Know About OCD gives you a comprehensive insight in to this condition, how to spot symptoms of it in yourself or a loved one, and outlines the treatment options available. The book features self-help chapters that guide you through Graded Exposure therapy, a highly effective psychological treatment for OCD. These chapters will equip you with strategies to banish unwanted thoughts and help you regain control of your life.
' As a comedian, I am only too aware about jokes concerning OCD. When I was a psychiatric nurse, I knew that it was no laughing matter. People with OCD are often misunderstood and lack access to appropriate information and services. This book attempts to help by setting out everything about OCD, what may cause it and how it is treated. Using personal stories of people with OCD, it gives advice to families as well as the individual. The final section gives details of how you may help yourself to face up to and overcome OCD. A must-read for anyone whose life has been impacted by this illness. ' Jo Brand, comedian ' A timely intervention from a leading expert on OCD. ' David Adam, Sunday Times bestselling author of, The Man Who Couldn' t Stop: The Truth About OCD ' As an OCD sufferer myself, reading this book was like being wrapped in a warm blanket. Lynne manages to explain this complex condition with both deep insight and caring understanding. And reading the many brave stories from fellow sufferers made me feel that I' m not alone in the battle to control this dreadful mental illness. This book, I believe, will help enormously to do just that!' Ian Puleston Davies, Actor and Patron of OCD UK ' Experiencing OCD can be incredibly isolating and painful, it is a condition surrounded by misconception and confusion. This wonderful book by Lynne Drummond really is a one stop shop for all things OCD. It answers every question you could possibly have about OCD and stops you feeling alone - it is wonderfully validating. Lynne' s outstanding knowledge of OCD is clear throughout and she covers some of the more difficult conversation surrounding OCD with compassion and kindness. I wish I' d had access to this book when I was struggling. ' Catherine Benfield, Founder of ' Taming Olivia' ' This is an excellent book that provides in a clearly accessible form all the latest thinking and science on how OCD manifests and how to treat it. It is written by a world-leading specialist in the field who has been studying OCD and treating OCD patients for decades. I thoroughly recommend it. ' Nick Sireau, Chair and founder of Orchard ' OCD is a devastating condition which causes so much anguish and distress and is often misunderstood. This comprehensive new book by Dr Lynne Drummond is so easy to read and understand, and is packed with information for those living with OCD and their families. There is an extensive self-help section which describes the methods you need to embrace to overcome your condition. It is possible to overcome OCD and this book guides you through the evidence-based treatment methods so you can do it yourself. If you want to understand OCD and be inspired to take the road to recovery, then this is the book for you. ' Trilby Breckman, Clinical Director of TOP UK ' Everything You Need to Know about OCD is a cutting-edge and comprehensive, yet very clear and widely accessible, book on best treatment approaches for OCD. The book' s target audience includes both the lay public (OCD sufferers, family members and the general public) and clinicians (various healthcare workers and therapists, including behaviour therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists). The author, Lynne Drummond, is a very rare physician with extensive expertise in both psychological and biological treatments of OCD. Her longstanding clinical and research experience is combined with a unique ability to communicate effectively and in simple terms on this topic. The book will undoubtedly increase awareness, enhance recognition and diagnosis, highlight and increase expertise in psychological and medical treatment options, and provide a roadmap for concrete self-help approaches to manage intrusive obsessive thoughts and control compulsive behaviours. ' Eric Hollander, M. D. , Director, Autism and Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Program, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Psychiatric Research Institute at Montefiore-Einstein ' Dr Lynne Drummond has extensive experience in both the psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy of OCD. In this volume, she summarises current state-of-the art approaches to treatment, so that people living with this condition can immediately and practically benefit. The chapters focused on different kinds of OCD symptoms are particularly useful, as these will help people with OCD to tailor their treatment plans according to their specific needs. ' Dan Stein, Head of Psychiatry and Mental Health, University of Cape Town
Dr Lynne Drummond is an internationally renowned psychiatrist and researcher, who has been helping people with OCD for over 40 years. In addition to her roles as Honorary Consultant and Visiting Professor, Dr Drummond also works extensively with various charities who offer help to people with OCD and their families, such as Triumph Over OCD and Phobias UK (TOP UK), OCD Action and OCD UK. Everything You Need to Know About OCD is her fourth book. Laura Edwards is a freelance writer with an interest in making science accessible to a wider readership.

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