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' Deliverance is an intriguing, strangely comforting book that shines a light into a world that' s little talked about' - The Mail on Sunday___________________________________________________________________________________I turned towards the door. It was closed, but I sensed there was something - someone - standing on the other side, staring straight at me. A prickling sensation ran through me. . . I was absolutely terrified, rooted to the spot and unable to breathe. _____________________________________________________________________________________________His name is Jason Bray. He' s your quintessential vicar: that guy in the long dress and poncho who stands at the front of the church and tells you God loves you. He' s the person who will baptise your children, take your wedding, and conduct your Auntie Beryl' s funeral. But then he' s also the person you will call in when Auntie Beryl still keeps appearing on the landing in her nightie, or when things go bump and rattle and your shoes start moving on their own, or when you think your mother-in-law might be possessed. Jason is a deliverance minister, and this is a story of oppression and possession, of ghosts, poltergeists and other paranormal phenomena, and how to deal with them. He is the first Anglican deliverance minister to write a book about this ministry for the general reader. A warm, sympathetic and humorous character who sees it as his mission to serve the community and help families in distress, each true-life adventure is like a detective story. At times, it' s a case of mental illness. At others, an energy or memory that has latched itself onto a place or property. Sometimes, he' s even encountered fraud!Welcome to his world.
My name is the Reverend Dr Jason Bray and I am your quintessential Anglican vicar. At St Giles' Parish Church in Wrexham, I chair council meetings over cakes, sandwiches and pot after pot of tea (or strong black coffee in my case). Imagine me attending more cheese and wine parties than most people have had hot dinners and you have the picture. There is also my bread and butter job - services, christenings, weddings and funerals. The sitcom Rev has my job pretty much spot on. Except for one rather large detail: I am a deliverance minister, which means I also deal with hauntings, ghosts, demonic possession and all things supernatural. I was a consultant on ITV' s Midwinter of the Spirit

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