Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls
Alex Knight
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Twenty years ago, her brother was murdered. Tonight, she' s found his killer. Thessaly Hanlon is four hours into a long drive home through the night when she pulls into a 24-hour roadside diner to take a break. She' s exhausted, but when she hears a chillingly familiar voice from the next booth, she wonders if he' ll ever sleep again. The voice is unmistakable. It belongs to Casper Sturgis, the man who murdered Thessaly' s brother two decades before, and then disappeared without a trace. Thessaly makes the decision to follow the killer. As Thessaly begins to unravel the second life of Casper Sturgis, she finds that digging into the past can have deadly consequences. . .
Alex Knight is a British novelist who lives near Glasgow with his wife and three children.