Criminal Procedure in New Zealand  (3rd Edition)

Criminal Procedure in New Zealand (3rd Edition)

Jeremy Finn
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Criminal Procedure in New Zealand is the leading text on understanding and applying the Criminal Procedure Act 2011. It provides expert analysis and guidance on case law, how the Act operates in practice, and the relationship it has with other statutes that impact the criminal process of criminal cases. First published in 2013, this book is comprehensively cross-referenced and organised in a format that guides the reader through all major aspects of criminal procedure. As with previous editions, Criminal Procedure in New Zealand (3rd edition) provides an updated examination of the new procedures that have been the subject of judicial decision, elucidation or comment; legislative developments; and practical issues that arise in court. Key developments include incorporating amendments under the Courts Matters Act 2018 relating to offences, warrants, case management and proceedings in absence of the defendant, and the adding of charges during the trial, amongst others. It also updates sections on laws relating to bail and to dealing with young persons charged with offences, and looks ahead to the proposed contempt of court legislation. Criminal Procedure in New Zealand (3rd edition) is written by two of New Zealand's criminal procedure specialists, whose combined perspectives on the law in this area provide a text which is both practical and scholarly. It is designed to help criminal lawyers understand the law relevant to all stages of the criminal process. It is an essential tool in the criminal litigator's tool box and continues to be a must have for judges, the police, probation officers, students and members of the public interested in criminal law.