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The author - a leading theoretical cosmologist - expands on his widely acclaimed lecture notes in this self-contained textbook, suitable for the advanced undergraduate or starting graduate level. Presenting the key theoretical foundations of cosmology and describing the observations that have turned the subject into a precision science, the author keeps the student in mind on every page by explaining concepts step-by-step, in an approachable manner. After describing the dynamics of the homogeneous universe, the book traces the evolution of small density fluctuations, which were created quantum-mechanically during inflation and are today observed in the cosmic microwave background and the large-scale structure of the universe. The book is ideally suited as a course companion or for self-study. With all necessary background material covered, students have everything they need to establish an unrivalled understanding of the subject. Complete with many worked examples, figures, and homework problems, this textbook is a definitive resource for advanced students in physics, astronomy and applied mathematics.
' A brilliant introduction to the most profound facts and ideas about the evolution of the universe, written by a young master of the field. Cosmology is a must-read for beginning students and active researchers alike. ' Nima Arkani-Hamed, Professor, Institute for Advanced Study ' Daniel Baumann provides a superb introduction to modern cosmology. If I were teaching a cosmology course, I would want to have the students work through this text. Baumann balances rigor and intuition in his approach and covers the most exciting aspects of the field. ' David Spergel, Charles Young Professor of Astronomy Emeritus, Princeton and President, Simons Foundation ' This book is sure to be a new standard text in modern cosmology. It covers the most important topics, from the early universe to the formation of structure, in a clear and engaging way. I' d strongly recommend it for anyone interested in the physics underlying our modern scientific view of the universe. ' Sean Carroll, Professor, Johns Hopkins University and author of Spacetime and Geometry ' This masterful text is a carefully reasoned, clear exposition of a dramatic development in science: a precise characterization of the cosmological history of the universe on large scales. Baumann explains how we know what we know, via an interplay of observation and well-grounded theory. In addition, as a key contributor to its modern development, Baumann introduces opportunities to build from these results to extract fundamental empirical information about early universe dynamics from ongoing cosmological observations. ' Eva Silverstein, Professor, Stanford University ' Baumann' s writings and explanations are some of the clearest and best structured of any I' ve encountered in this field. I' ve been recommending his lecture notes to students for years, and this book will certainly be my first choice as an up-to-date text for those seeking to understand cosmology and its physical foundations. ' Katie Mack, Professor of Cosmology and Science Communication, Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics ' Like the Book of Genesis, but true. 13. 8 billion years of history in 440 content-packed pages. ' David Tong, Professor, University of Cambridge
Daniel Baumann is a world-leading theoretical cosmologist. He obtained his doctorate from Princeton University in 2008, after which he was a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Since 2011, he has been a faculty member at Cambridge University, until he was appointed Professor of Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Amsterdam in 2015. Baumann has received numerous awards, including an ERC Starting Grant, an NWO VIDI Grant and a Jade Mountain Visiting Professorship at National Taiwan University. His cosmology lecture notes are used worldwide. He is the author of the book Inflation and String Theory (with Liam McAllister).

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