Cooking for Your Kids

Recipes and Stories from Chefs' Home Kitchens Around the World

Cooking for Your Kids
Joshua David Stein
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Let the pros help you plan and prep meals for your family - home-cooking recipes used by chefs to feed those they love!Looking for meals that will appeal to everyone around the table? Cooking for Your Kids is the perfect solution: 100 recipes - breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, treats - from the repertoires of world-famous chefs who cook for their children at home. Charming first-person stories offer a glimpse into their private lives as they strive to raise adventurous (and healthy) eaters. The chefs explain why each dish is much-loved, highlight how ingredients can expand palates, reveal insider tips, and share their work-life balance challenges.
Joshua David Stein is a restaurant critic, food journalist, author, and editor. He has co-written food books ( Food & Beer , Notes from a Young Black Chef , The Nom Wah Cookbook ) and children' s books ( Can I Eat That? , Can You Eat? , What' s Cooking? ). He is contributing editor to Fatherly and author of To Me, He was Just Dad: Stories of Growing Up with Famous Fathers . He lives in Brooklyn.