Contributions to Scottish Periodicals

Contributions to Scottish Periodicals
James Hogg, Graham Tulloch, Judy King
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This volume contains the original versions of James Hogg' s contributions to Scottish periodicals, including newspapers, literary journals and specialist agricultural journals, which were an important outlet for Hogg' s work throughout his literary life and his contributions cover many of his favourite themes and styles including the supernatural, rural life, current events, books, human relationships and Scottish history appearing in short stories, songs, poems, newspaper reports, letters to the editor, travel writing and articles on Scottish life, culture and country. The volume provides examples of the range and diversity of themes, genres and styles found in Hogg' s work from the time when he first came to live in Edinburgh to try and establish himself as an author in 1810 till the time of his death.
James Hogg was a Scottish poet, novelist and essayist who wrote in both Scots and English. He is best known for his novel The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner. Graham Tulloch is Emeritus Professor of English at Flinders University and has published books and articles on Scottish language and literature. He has edited Walter Scott' s Ivanhoe, Marcus Clarke' s His Natural Life and Catherine Martin' s An Australian Girl as well as co-editing several texts with Judy King. Judy King is a Research Fellow in English at Flinders University. With J. H. Alexander and Graham Tulloch she has edited Walter Scott' s The Siege of Malta and Bizarro and, with Graham Tulloch, Scott' s Shorter Fiction, Catherine Helen Spence' s Tenacious of the Past and James Hogg' s The Three Perils of Man. She has also published articles on Beowulf.