Blue Lock #01: Blue Lock Vol. 01 (Graphic Novel)

Blue Lock #01: Blue Lock Vol. 01 (Graphic Novel)
Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura
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A mad young coach gathers soccer players from across the country to compete in a series of bizarre challenges in a high-tech colosseum he calls Blue Lock. It' s a no-balls-barred battle to become Japan' s next top striker, in this Squid Game-meets-World Cup manga, now available in print!Anime coming soon!After a disastrous defeat at the 2018 World Cup, Japan' s team struggles to regroup. But what' s missing? An absolute Ace Striker, who can guide them to the win. The Football Association is hell-bent on creating a striker who hungers for goals and thirsts for victory, and who can be the decisive instrument in turning around a losing match. . . and to do so, they' ve gathered 300 of Japan' s best and brightest youth players. Who will emerge to lead the team. . . and will they be able to out-muscle and out-ego everyone who stands in their way?
Muneyuki Kaneshiro broke out as creator of 2011' s As the Gods Will, a death game story that spawned two sequels and a film adaptation directed by the legendary Takashi Miike. His latest work is the stylish and twisted soccer battle manga Blue Lock. Manga artist Yusuke Nomura debuted in 2014 with the grotesquely cute cult hit alien invasion story Dolly Kill Kill, which was released digitally in English by Kodansha. His latest work is the soccer battle manga Blue Lock.