Withnail and I (2nd Edition)

Withnail and I  (2nd Edition)
Kevin Jackson
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Withnail and I sank almost without a trace when it was first released in 1987. Financed by HandMade Films, the late George Harrison' s production company, and drawing heavily on first-time writer-director Bruce Robinson' s experiences, this virtually plot-free story follows two out-of-work actors (Withnail, played by Richard E. Grant, and ' I' , played by Paul McGann), eking out a living in a run-down London of the late 1960s, and embarking on a booze-fuelled weekend in the country which takes various unexpected turns. Although it initially failed to find an audience, it did not take long for the film to attract a dedicated cult following which still persists today. Lines from the film such as ' we' ve gone on holiday by mistake!' and ' Bring me the finest wines known to humanity!' have become popular favourites and the subject of countless internet memes. Kevin Jackson' s in-depth study gives a full account of the film' s origins and production history. But his main focus is the mood and magic of the film, its aesthetics and sensibility, seeking to show, without ever detracting from the film' s comic brilliance, just how much more there is to Withnail and I than drunkenness and swearing. ' It is an outstandingly touching yet witheringly unsentimental drama of male friendship,' Jackson writes, ' a bleak up-ending of the English pastoral dream, a piece of ferocious verbal inventiveness' - and, without question, one of the greatest of all British films. In his new foreword to this edition, writer Bharat Tandon pays tribute to to both Withnail' s peculiar genius and enduring appeal, and to his close friend Kevin Jackson.
Bruce Robinson' s first and most famous outing as a writer/director, Withnail & I has gone down in history as the student film. . . this book is lively with enthusiasm and full to bursting point with anecdotes and analysis. . . He doesn' t try to come across as anything more than what he certainly is: a die-hard Withnail fan with a keen eye for detail and a delightful nose for a story. -- Filmwerk
Kevin Jackson (1955-2021) was a writer, broadcaster and film-maker. His books include Constellation of Genius: 1922: Modernism Year One (2012), and BFI Film Classics on Lawrence of Arabia (2007) and Nosferatu:eine Symphonie des Grauens (2013). He was a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Companion of the Guild of St George, and a Regent of the College de Pataphysique, as well as a regular contributor to BBC radio programmes, including BBC Radio 4' s Saturday Review.

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