When You Greet Me I Bow

Notes and Reflections from a Life in Zen

When You Greet Me I Bow
Norman Fischer
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From beloved Zen teacher Norman Fischer, a collection of essays spanning a life of inquiry into Zen practice, relationship, social engagement, and spiritual creativity. "Looking backwards at a life lived, walking forward into more life to live built on all that, trying not to be too much influenced by what' s already been said and done, not to be held to a point of view or an identity previously expressed, trying to be surprised and undone and maybe even dismayed by what lies ahead. "--Norman FischerNorman Fischer is a Zen priest, poet, and translator whose writings, teachings, and commitment to interfaith dialogue have supported and inspired Buddhist, Jewish, and other spiritual practitioners for decades. When You Greet Me I Bow spans the entirety of Norman Fischer' s career and is the first collection of his writings on Buddhist philosophy and practice. Broken into four sections--the joy and catastrophe of relationship; thinking, writing, and emptiness; cultural encounters; and social engagement--this book allows us to see the fascinating development of the mind and interests of a gifted writer and profoundly committed practitioner.
"Reveals the evolution of this prolific writer and Buddhist thinker. . . . This body of work points to the heart of practice and, ultimately, what it is to live this human life. "--Lion' s Roar"These moving contemplations showcase the intricate workings of a wise mind. "--Publishers WeeklyThis book is funny--but serious too, as any book about dedication must be. It is also humble, inviting, clear. Most people probably think of Zen as solitary and austere; Fischer, however, emphasizes the commitment to a community of practice. We all need that and most of us have no idea where to find it. This book is a good place to start. --Rae Armantrout, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and author of ConjureThis book is a treasure. Eastern dharma has truly been transmitted to the West. The book is also beautifully structured. Help with love, relationship, grief, death, injustice, politics, is close at hand. Reading Fischer' s book in these hard times emits a sigh of relief. Things almost make sense--even if upside down sense--the body lets go and relaxes. --Natalie Goldberg, author of Three Simple Lines and Writing Down the Bones
NORMAN FISCHER is a Zen teacher, poet, translator, and founder of the Everyday Zen Foundation. A beloved figure in the Buddhist world, he is also well-known for his efforts at interreligious dialogue. His numerous books include, most recently, (prose) The World Could Be Otherwise- Imagination and the Bodhisattva Path, What Is Zen? - Plain Talk for a Beginner' s Mind, and Training in Compassion- Zen Teachings on the Practice of Lojong, and (poetry) The Strugglers, On A Train At Night, and Untitled Series- Life As It Is.