What Dogs Want

What Dogs Want
Rupert Fawcett, Mat Ward
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How to have fun AND be a fantastic dog owner! Mat Ward is a leading behaviourist and he really can understand what our dogs are thinking. His advice comes with funny but accurate pictures explaining everything you need to know - including what different woofs might mean, how to read a dog' s ears and why they wag their tails (it' s not always what you think). Our pets may seem straightforward but learning some key training basics and thinking about little details (like what kind of collar to put on them) can make all the difference. Understanding and respect mean your dog lives a contented life - and if the dog feels happy, then so will you!
Mat Ward is a dog behaviourist who champions reward-based training and he has helped thousands of pets and owners improve their wellbeing over the past two decades. His skills were tested to the limit when he took on the challenge of teaching a rescue dog to fly a plane for the TV show Dogs Might Fly. Mat lives in New Zealand with his wife, children, two cats and two dogs. Rupert Fawcett is a British cartoonist and writer, who is best known for his critically acclaimed comic strips, Fred (produced since 1989), Daddy and Off The Leash. He lives in the UK.