Two's Company

Two's Company
Jill Mansell
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No one does glamour like the Mandevilies. Celebrity couple Jack and Cass Mandeville seem to have it all - good looks, successful careers and a great marriage. Their children are also incredibly talented: stunning Cleo is a top model; devilishly handsome Sean a hot young comedian; and although sixteen-year-old Sophie hides her looks under big glasses and baggy clothes, everyone can see there's a beautiful swan just itching to get out. In the eyes of the nation's press, the Mandevilles can do no wrong. Until a gorgeous redhead called Imogen turns up to interview Jack and Cass on the morning Jack hits the big Four-O. And the fabulous family finds they're not so perfect after all'
'Jill Mansell is in a different league' Sun
Jill Mansell worked for many years at the Burden Neurological Hospital, Bristol, and now writes full time. She lives with her partner and their children in Bristol. Jill is the author of many bestselling novels with Headline and appears regularly in the Guardian" Top Hundred list.