Turkish Kaleidoscope (Graphic Novel)

Fractured Lives in a Time of Violence

Turkish Kaleidoscope (Graphic Novel)
Jenny White, Ergun Gunduz
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A powerful graphic novel that traces Turkey' s descent into political violence in the 1970s through the experiences of four students on opposing sides of the conflictTurkish Kaleidoscope tells the stories of four unforgettable protagonists as they navigate a society torn apart by violent political factions. It is 1975 and Turkey is on the verge
Jenny White is a social anthropologist and professor at the Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies. Her many books include Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks (Princeton) and the novel The Winter Thief. She lives in Stockholm. Twitter @WhiteJennyB Ergun Gunduz is a critically acclaimed artist and the author of numerous books and albums. His work spans graphic novels, comics, caricatures, animated films, book covers, and commercial art. He lives in Istanbul.