A Triangle of Circles

A Triangle of Circles
Katharine Lillico
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Joanna' s comfortable life is suddenly disrupted when she must confront some bewildering revelations. As she grapples with the fallout of deceit and emotional pain she cannot see a way forward. A chance encounter on a train offers her some hope, but even this proves to raise as many questions as it answers. Far away another drama is playing out. A young girl makes allegations against a local choirmaster. Greg Mortimer' s life is thrown into disarray as he is swept along by the criminal justice process, and he may lose everything including his liberty as a result. What will his future now hold? Elsewhere, Gerry Thorncroft retires from a successful police career as he and his wife move to the countryside to renovate an old farm and set up a holiday-let business. But can he fully detach himself from involvement in police work? Are these three apparently unconnected threads interwoven in some way? DS Clive Meadows and DC Sharon Page investigate offences of perjury, blackmail and murder. Is anyone above suspicion?
Katharine Lillico, after working for many years in different sectors of the criminal justice system in England, is now a full-time writer. Her novels reflect her interest in issues of justice. Her debut novel ' A Lethal Bequest' (Matador, 2019) was well received by readers. Her new novel introduces new characters and themes. She lives in rural Cambridgeshire.