The Treasure Of The Black Swan (Graphic Novel)

The Treasure Of The Black Swan (Graphic Novel)
Andrea Rosenberg, Paco Roca, Guillermo Corral Van Damme
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A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard SelectionMay 2007. When an American treasure-hunting company uncovers a shipwreck containing the greatest underwater trove ever found, the world is captivated by their discovery. But over in Spain, a group of low-level government officials surmises that the sunken ship is in fact an ancient Spanish vessel. Thus begins a legal and political thriller, pitting a group of idealistic diplomats against a rich and powerfully connected treasure hunter, in which vital cultural artifacts and hundreds of millions of dollars hang in the balance. Cartoonist Paco Roca and writer Guillermo Corral bring a cinematic flair to this graphic novel, combining threads of Tintin-inspired seafaring adventure, political intrigue, tense courtroom drama, and, in the midst of it all, a budding romance. A gripping dramatization of a little-known, unbelievable true story of money, political power, and cultural heritage. The Treasure of the Black Swan was adapted into an original television series, La Fortuna, starring Stanley Tucci and is scheduled to debut in the US on AMC Plus in January 2022. ?
Paco Roca (Francisco Martinez Roca) is a graphic artist and a cartoonist from Valencia, Spain, who has won several art/writing awards. His graphic novel Wrinkles has been adapted into an animated movie. Guillermo Corral has worked as a career diplomat since 1997. His career highlights include serving as general director of cultural policy and industries and as cultural attache in Spain' s embassies in Washington, DC, and Havana, Cuba. He has published a collection of short stories, Mientras crece el bosque, as well as numerous stories in journals such as Granta, Sibila, and Librujula. The Treasure of the Black Swan, a work of fiction based on real events that he witnessed firsthand, marks his debut as a comic book writer.