Trap Kitchen: Mac N' All Over The World

Bangin' Mac N' Cheese Recipes from Around the World

Trap Kitchen: Mac N' All Over The World
Malachi Jenkins, Roberto Smith
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Combines the soul of macaroni and cheese with the heart of Compton by bringing the flavours of regions around the world. From a business that started selling plates through their living room window via Instagram ads to now having multiple food trucks and even a brick and mortar store, Mac' N All Over The World continues where the first cookbook left off, inspiring people from all walks of life to follow their passion no matter what the odds are. Just like last time, the cookbook will take another deep dive into the journey of Trap Kitchen' s growth since they first made their mark.
Malachi Jenkins and Roberto Smith are childhood friends from neighboring rival gangs, brought together by their two passions: food and girls. Today, they are the cofounders and owners of Trap Kitchen. The underground culinary experience was completely fueled off Instagram. Their colorful past has made them media darlings, having appeared on the Today show, Martha & Snoop' s Potluck Dinner Party, VICE, Fox 11 News, and BET. Having worked in some of New York' s finest kitchens, from Le Bernadin to Rouge Tomate to Momofukko, over a decade in the New York restaurant scene has culminated in a versatile cooking style which reflects contributor Nicholas Porcelli' s training in Asian, new American, and classical French cuisines.