Top Stocks 2022  (28th Revised Edition)

Top Stocks 2022 (28th Revised Edition)

Martin Roth
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Put your money to work-bigtime "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest," said Benjamin Franklin-and this goes double for making investment decisions. In the 28th edition of his definitive bestseller, market expert Martin Roth gives you the essential knowledge and tried-and-tested techniques you need to grow your portfolio and profits. Invaluable for all skill levels-from novice to professional traders-you' ll find the clear and objective information essential to make the right picks and get more for your money. Cutting through the noise and hype, Martin Roth shows you how to apply a selection of criteria and rigorous, repeatable analysis to form a clear picture of the best public companies-low-risk, long-term value-to buy into. You' ll become an expert at looking beyond the share price and punditry to evaluate the best of the best of the Australian market using concrete factors like profitability, debt levels, and dividends. * Individual, unbiased analysis of the latest results from top Australian companies* Comparative sales and profits data, and in-depth ratio analysis* Comprehensive research detailing each company' s overall outlook* Additional tables that rank all companies according to financial dataIncluding numerous charts and tables that provide easy reference to essential company data points, Top Stocks 2022 continues to be your time-tested, jargon-free go-to for making wise decisions for your wealth and future.