Helene Cixous, Laurent Milesi
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"In 1968-69 I wanted to die, that is to say, stop living, being killed, but it was blocked on all sides," wrote Helene Cixous, esteemed French feminist, playwright, philosopher, literary critic, and novelist. Instead of suicide, she began to dream of writing a tomb for herself. This tomb became a work that is a testament to Cixous' s life and spirit and a secret book, the first book she ever authored. Originally written in 1970, Tombe is a Homerian recasting of Shakespeare' s Venus and Adonis in the thickets of Central Park, a book Cixous provocatively calls the "all-powerful-other of all my books, it sparks them off, makes them run, it is their Messiah. " Masterfully translated by Laurent Milesi, Tombe preserves the sonic complexities and intricate wordplay at the core of Cixous' s writing, and reveals the struggles, ideas, and intents at the center of her work. With a new prologue by the author, this is a necessary document in the development of Cixous' s aesthetic as a writer and theorist, and will be eagerly welcomed by readers as a crucial building block in the foundation of her later work.

A Cage in Search of a Bird
A Winter's Journey: Four Conversations with Marianne Brausch - (not currently available)
Abysses - (not currently available)
Andre Gorz: A Life
Attachment - (not currently available)
Beyond Speculation: Art and Aesthetics without Myths - (not currently available)
Crime of Jean Genet, The
Critical Essays - Volume 1, 1944-1948
Fount of Time, The: The Last Kindom II
French List: Correspondence: Pablo Picasso and Gertrude Stein - (not currently available)
French List: Ecologica - (not currently available)
French List: Philosophy of Living, The - (not currently available)
French List: Red Scarf, The: Followed by Two Stages and Additional Notes
French List: Rome, 1630: The Horizon of Early Baroque and Other Essays - (not currently available)
French List: Rue Traversiere - (not currently available)
French List: Someone's Trying to Find You - (not currently available)
French List: Suspended Passion, The: Interviews
French List: Tomb(e)
House of Shadows - (not currently available)
Last Days of Mandelstam, The
Legend, The
Literary Miniatures - (not currently available)
Little Grey Lies - (not currently available)
Mysterious Solidarities
Occasional Philosophical Writings
On American Fiction
On Bataille and Blanchot
On Camus
On Merleau-Ponty
On Modern Art
On Novels and Novelists
On Poetry
On Revolution
Paper Collage
Political Fictions
Post-War Reflections
Privy Portrait
Real and Its Double, The - (not currently available)
Red Sofa, The
Roving Shadows, The
Season of the Shadow
Sex and Terror - (not currently available)
Silent Crossing, The - (not currently available)
Silent Transformations, The - (not currently available)
Three Rimbauds, The
Twilight of Torment: Melancholy
Typhus (Play) - (not currently available)
Venice and Rome
Villa Amalia - (not currently available)
Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? - (not currently available)

"Cixous pierces into the nature of love and jealousy--an oeuvre bound by the desire for a love that can never be, and yet, at the same time, looks upon the memory of a love that has been. . . . Her illuminating prologue in the new edition situates Tomb(e) in context with her later works. "-- "Los Angeles Review of Books"
Helene Cixous was born in Oran, Algeria, and is emeritus professor of literature at the Universite Paris VIII, where she founded and directed the Centre de recherches en etudes feminines. She is the author of more than seventy works of fiction, plays, and collections of critical essays; recent titles in English translation include So Close, Zero' s Neighbour: Sam Beckett, Hemlock, and Philippines. Laurent Milesi is a reader in literature and critical theory at Cardiff University. He has also translated Cixous' s Philippines and Zero' s Neighbour: Sam Beckett, among other books.

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