This Book Will Teach You Business Etiquette

The Insider's Guide to Workplace Courtesy and Customs

This Book Will Teach You Business Etiquette
Tim Rayborn
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This Book Will Teach You Business Etiquette is theessential pocket-sized guide for business skills nobody teaches you about in school! There was a time when you could diligently put in your hours and stay in the same job from graduation to retirement. But these days you have to be savvy to get ahead in business! Inside this handy, pocket-size hardcover, you will find: - Five tricks for remembering names (the first time) and engaging people on a deeper level! - How to avoid burnout, savor vacation time, and love your work! - What not to do during a conference call! - How to be professional - How to get a promotion and win that raise! Recent grads and seasoned professionals alike will rely on this trusty little hardcover guide to the nuances of business etiquette that typically take years to learn. With dozens of how-tos, lists, and charts, This Book Will Teach You Business Etiquette breaks down business insider secrets in an entertaining, informative, and encouraging manner. You' ll be winning friends and influencing people in no time!
Tim Rayborn is a writer, educator, historian, musician, and researcher, with more than twenty years of professional experience. He is a prolific author, with a number of books and articles to his name, and more on the way. He has written on topics from the academic to the amusing to the appalling, including medieval and modern history, the arts (music, theater, and dance), food and wine, business, social studies, and works for business and government publications. He' s also been a ghost writer for various clients. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tim lived in England for seven years, studying for an M. A. and Ph. D. at the University of Leeds. He has a strong academic background but enjoys writing for general audiences. He is also an acclaimed classical and world musician, having appeared on more than forty recordings, and he has toured and performed in the United States, Canada, Europe, North Africa, and Australia over the last twenty-five years. During that time, he has learned much about the business of arts and entertainment, and how to survive and thrive when traveling and working in intense environments. For more, visit timrayborn. com.