Sushi Modoki: The Japanese Art and Craft of Vegan Sushi

Sushi Modoki: The Japanese Art and Craft of Vegan Sushi
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Over 50 ways to enjoy authentic, delicious vegan sushi and Japanese fare that tastes and looks like the real thing Sushi has never looked simpler, healthier, or more accessible with these vegan variations of Japanese favorites. Using vegetables to mimic (the translation of modoki) the texture and flavor of traditional fish ingredients, these inspired creations satisfy the craving for authentic sushi as well as a desire to be fish-free, whether it's for dietary preferences or allergies. With clear, step-by-step instructions for assembling elegantly arranged pieces, rolls, and plates bursting with color and crunch, plus the full range of sushi side dishes including salads, soups, pickled veggies, and hot and cold drinks, Sushi Modoki is the ultimate guide to becoming a vegan sushi master--at home.