Stephen Mccranie's Space Boy Volume 12 (Graphic Novel)

Stephen Mccranie's Space Boy Volume 12 (Graphic Novel)
Stephen McCranie
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Unravel the conspiracy at the heart of the FCP in the latest exciting volume in the epic graphic novel series Stephen McCranie' s Space Boy!In the aftermath of the Homecoming dance, the students of South Pine are left reeling from the disappearance of one of their friends. As Zeph, Cassie, and David struggle to make sense of the tragedy, Amy begins to adjust to her new life in the FCP, finding unexpected allies as she tries to uncover more about the shadowy organization, and what its goals are for Oliver and herself.
Stephen McCranie is the writer and illustrator for Space Boy and Mal and Chad, all-ages graphic novel series. Stephen grew up drawing comics from an early age. He eventually earned a Fine Arts degree at the University of New Mexico. Stephen originally created Mal and Chad as a comic strip for the UNM school newspaper.