Soviet Visuals

Soviet Visuals
Varia Bortsova
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A funny, nostalgic and strange glimpse at life behind the Iron Curtain - from the hit social media account with over 1 million followersWELCOME TO THE USSR PARADE in the latest fashions!MARVEL at the wonders of the space race!DELIGHT in the many fine delicacies of food and drink! REVEL in the fine opportunities for work and play!
"A quirky collection of imagery that depicts everyday life in the former Soviet Union . . . This is a perfect book for vintage enthusiasts and anyone with a soft spot for Soviet kitsch. " --Publishers Weekly"The images get at Soviet gaiety, which Stalin called "the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union"-a perverse statement given the source-as well as at the humor that can only be gained by looking backward in time. " --Air Mail
Varia Bortsova is the founder of @SovietVisuals, a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platform that shares content from the former Soviet Union. She was born in Moscow in 1990, a year before the USSR dissolved. She dreams of becoming a cosmonaut.