Social Media

Enduring Principles

Social Media
Ashlee Humphreys
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Social Media: Enduring Principles offers a comprehensive overview of topics in social media, from interpersonal communication to the role of social media in culture and society. It covers not only cultural issues like online identity and community, but also tackles more analytical topics like social media measurement, network analysis, and social media economics at an introductory level. Each chapter is based on a set of core social science theories andconcepts rather than platform-specific frameworks and findings. Rather than providing the final word or predictions, it aims to open a well-structured, well-grounded conversation about media transition and its effects.Filling the need for a standard academic text in the field, Social Media: Enduring Principles summarizes both foundational and state-of-the-art research and also presents a coherent framework for future research. It draws from longstanding theories in communication, journalism, sociology, and marketing, but also includes a number of contemporary case examples, making it a foundational text in the area.