The Smidgens Crash-Land

The Smidgens Crash-Land
David O'Connell
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Ever since Gafferty Sprout' s last adventure, she' s been VERY GOOD. No more finding lost Smidgen clans, no more pudding fights, definitely no more GHOSTS. She knows there' s another clan still out there - The Burrow - and maybe they know the secrets of the MAGICAL knife that saved her from the ghosts. But it' ll have to wait until she' s less . . . grounded. Then a strange Smidgen steals her knife and sets out for The Burrow, and there' s nothing for it. Gafferty has to follow. But the Smidgens of The Burrow aren' t the new friends Gafferty expected, and soon the Smidgens are in BIG, BIG trouble. The second book in a funny, magical adventure series for 7+ readers who love Terry Pratchett, Max and the Millions and The Borrowers.
If you put your copy of Harry Potter and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the washing machine together, this would be the book that came out at the end. Don' t put books in the washing machine though . . . * Tom Fletcher on THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY GHOST * Humour pervades every page, with jokes appearing at the perfect place and with fabulous timing * Bookbag on THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY GHOST * A thoroughly satisfying and entertaining story, a mix of adventure, comedy and magic . . . Delicious! * Books for Keeps on THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY GHOST *
David O' Connell is a writer and illustrator living in Brighton. He works mostly in children' s books, writing for other illustrators or illustrating for other writers! Hi first book for Bloomsbury, The Chocolate Factory Ghost, was chosen for the inaugural Tom Fletcher Book Club. David likes stories about magic and monsters, especially if they' re silly monsters, and loves making comics too. His favourite sweets are fizzy cola bottles. @davidoconnellWhen he was younger Seb Burnett desperately wanted to discover a Lost World, but wasn' t allowed out past tea-time, so spent his evenings making up stories instead. He now lives in Bristol, England, where he runs an Animation company and works as a director, character designer and illustrator. @seb_burnett@bertram_fiddle