The Short Story of Science

A Pocket Guide to Key Histories, Experiments, Theories, Instruments and Methods

The Short Story of Science
Tom Jackson, Mark Fletcher
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The Short Story of Science is a new introduction to the complete subject of science. Covering 60 key experiments, from Archimedes' investigations of buoyancy to the discovery of dark matter, and then linking these to the history of science, as well as to the key theories and methods, the book simplifies and explains all the key breakthroughs. Accessible and concise, generously illustrated throughout, and with all the essential information presented without jargon, readers are given all the tools they need to enjoy the fascinating history of scientific knowledge.
Tom Jackson has written more than 200 books and contributed to many more. These include projects with Brian May, Patrick Moore, Marcus de Sautoy, and Carol Vorderman and cover everything from axolotls to Zoroastrianism.