The Aftermath #01: Shelter (2nd Edition)

The Aftermath #01: Shelter  (2nd Edition)
Dave Hutchinson
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Hardship is all Adam Hardy and his community have ever known. Almost a century ago a storm of cataclysmic comets struck the Earth and triggered generations of perpetual cold and darkness. Now the survivors of rainswept England huddle in their tiny communities, scavenging the ruins of the old world. Finally, the Long Autumn is coming to an end, and society of a kind is starting to rebuild. But for how long? Adam is struggling to hold his small Berkshire village together as the age-old rivalry between the Taylors and the Lyalls spills out into fresh bloodshed. A new tyrant, Frank Pendennis, has risen in the east in Kent, and has dreams of conquest. And rumours of something even worse are coming from the north. . . The struggle to inherit the world is just beginning.
"Hutchinson does a superb job of illustrating how the ruin of the world has brought about the ruin of humanity. This is an old form made new, because it speaks to our current doubts and uncertainties, our unease at the way the world is going, our fear that sense will not prevail. " -- Paul Kincaid, Locus "Dave Hutchison' s writing in this novel is as good as any of his earlier work. If you haven' t read anything by him before, I would strongly urge you to check this out. Shelter is the ideal place to start. " -- www. theeloquentpage. co. uk "Shelter is a triumph, a dark, vivid story of life in future England, beautifully bleak, rich and rewarding. " -- sfbook. com "Shelter is a beautifully crafted story of life when technology and the comforts of contemporary life have been abandoned as unnecessary and unrealistic and where the best the characters can hope for it to wake up the next morning. " --britishfantasysociety. org "Hutchinson' s characters feel so very real. He' s got a fine eye for human details. Which makes Shelter so engaging. Troubling times require a thorough examination. Shelter is such an entertaining scrutiny. " -- geeksyndicate. co. uk "If you enjoy the quiet apocalypse stories of John Wyndham, you' ll find this a very enjoyable tale. The destruction by the comet is fascinating but it' s the consequences of such an event on society where the true horror lies. You may find yourself looking at your neighbours and friends around the street and wondering what would happen if the lights went out forever. . . " -- runalongtheshelves. net "Dave Hutchinson continues to be one of the most exciting and soulful writers of contemporary science fiction. " -- For Winter Nights
Dave Hutchison is the multi-award winning author of the critically acclaimed Fractured Europe series for Solaris: Europe at Autumn, Europe in Winter, Europe at Midnight and the forthcoming, Europe at Dawn.