Silver Screen Historical #01: Scandal in Babylon

Silver Screen Historical #01: Scandal in Babylon
Barbara Hambly
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"You shall never have a penny of my money. Leave me alone or I will shoot you dead!" 1924. After six months in Hollywood, young British widow Emma Blackstone has come to love her new employer, glamourous movie-star Kitty Flint - even if her late husband' s sister is one of the worst actresses she' s ever seen. Looking after Kitty and her three adorable Pekinese dogs isn' t work Emma dreamed of, but Kitty rescued her when she was all alone in the world. Now, the worst thing academically-minded Emma has to worry about is the shocking historical inaccuracies of the films Kitty stars in. Until, that is, Rex Festraw - Kitty' s first husband, to whom she may or may not still be married - turns up dead in her dressing room, a threatening letter seemingly from Kitty in his pocket. Emma' s certain her flighty but kind-hearted sister-in-law has been framed. But who by? And why? From spiteful rivals to jealous boyfriends, the suspects are numerous. But as Emma investigates, she begins to untangle a deadly plot - and there' s something Kitty' s not telling her . . . This gripping first in a brand-new series from NYT-bestselling author Barbara Hambly brings the sights and sounds of Hollywood to life and is a perfect pick for fans of female-fronted historical mysteries set in the roaring twenties.
Outstanding . . . Hambly' s masterful historical detail, scrupulous character portrayal, and psychological analysis of human frailties contribute handsomely to her storytelling * Publishers Weekly Starred Review of House of the Patriarch * A fine entry in impressive series * Booklist on House of the Patriarch * A must-read * Booklist Starred Review of Lady of Perdition * Riveting * Kirkus Reviews on Lady of Perdition * Hambly' s exceptional knowledge of history and her deft touch at imbuing emotion into her characters . . . will make this another fan favorite * Booklist on Prisoner of Midnight *
Barbara Hambly, though a native of Southern California, lived in New Orleans for a number of years while married to the late science fiction writer George Alec Effinger. Hambly holds a degree in medieval history from the University of California and has written novels in numerous genres.