Uniting Nations in a Divided World

Ban Ki-Moon
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Born just one year before the United Nations itself, Ban Ki-moon came of age with the world body. His earliest memories are haunted by the sound of bombs dropping on his village and the sight of fires consuming what remained. At six years old he fled with his family, trudging for miles in mud-soaked shoes, suffering from incessant hunger, and wondering how they would survive? until the United Nations rescued them. And after he experienced its lifesaving mission first-hand, this organization would become his life' s calling. Resolved is Ban Ki-moon' s personal account of his ten years at the helm of the world body at a time of historic turmoil and promise. Ban performed what has been called ? the world' s most impossible job? with a natural ability to relate to the poor and struggling people the organization was created to serve and a genuine belief in its capacity for global transformation. He explores past flashpoints? including the September 11 terrorist attacks, engaging the Kim dynasty in North Korea, the Paris climate accords, the Ebola outbreak, the Arab Spring, and managing the UN' s relationship with the United States? to offer the story of diplomatic lessons learned. Freed from the diplomatic constraints that come with the job, he offers a frank and bracing look at the people and events that shaped our era as well as a piercing analysis of what lies ahead.
Ban Ki-moon has had an extraordinary and inspirational life, not least given the extreme poverty in which he grew up. You admire his ambition, tenacity, and patience in achieving global consensus for the incredibly important Sustainable Development Goals. But you also appreciate the golden thread that weaves its way through this book-his humanity. A true public servant, whose compassion shines throughout. -- Tony Blair, former prime minister of the United Kingdom This is a warm, readable account by Ban Ki-moon of his ten-year term as UN secretary-general and of his aim from the beginning to prioritize the climate crisis. At a time of increasing skepticism, his humble humanitarian concern and intense dedication should do much to restore confidence in the core values of the UN. -- Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland, former UN high commissioner for human rights, and chair of The Elders Can we not only imagine but actually build a better world? In this book, a farsighted global statesman not only says yes-but also shows us how. -- Graham Allison, author of Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides' s Trap? In his momentous memoirs, Ban Ki-moon leads us through the exciting exchanges, communication, and interaction among world leaders, prominent personalities, citizens, and advocates as they craft a global agenda. This is a must-read for all interested in knowing the workings of the United Nations and its dedicated secretary-general. -- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former president of Liberia and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize Ban Ki-moon offers an incisive account of his history-shaping tenure as UN Secretary-General. With his unswerving commitment to human dignity and the common good, Ban repeatedly used his consummate diplomatic skills, honed over many decades, to overcome obstacles of ignorance, hate, confusion, and self-interest in order to reach major global agreements on sustainable development, climate change, and other momentous challenges. Ban vividly demonstrates the great powers of "personal diplomacy with compassion" to build cooperative global solutions, while he reminds us of the harrowing risks to humanity of narrow-mindedness, abuse of power, militarism, and vast disruptions of economic and technological change. -- Jeffrey D. Sachs, University Professor at Columbia University, special advisor to Ban Ki-moon, 2007-2015 Ban Ki-moon describes a lifetime of service to Korea and to the world as the eighth secretary-general of the United Nations, where he put climate change at the top of his agenda. He provides fascinating details of the diplomacy and politics of what he describes as the ultimate threat to peace and security. -- Joseph S. Nye Jr. , former dean of Harvard' s Kennedy School of Government and author of Do Morals Matter? This book, which portrays Ban Ki-moon' s experiences and achievements during ten years at the helm of the UN, is a fascinating inside account of multilateral diplomacy at the global level. It takes the readers through a number of conflicts as well as development and human rights challenges at the UN in an insightful, open and succinct way. As deputy secretary-general, I worked closely with Ban on a broad array of issues, ranging from the war in Syria to the negotiations on Sustainable Development Goals and to the initiative Human Rights up Front. In all these issues, his efforts were untiring, persistent and well-timed. It is broadly recognized that he played an historic and decisive role in reaching the Paris climate agreement In December 2015. On a personal level, I highly appreciate his solid and courageous support of the launch of Human Rights up Front, an initiative which symbolizes the first three words of the UN Charter, "We the peoples. " It also reflects Secretary-General Ban' s constant quest for a life in dignity for all. -- Jan Eliasson, former UN deputy secretary-general
Ban Ki-moon is a South Korean diplomat and former foreign minister who served as the eighth secretary-general of the United Nations from January 2007 to December 2016. Throughout his career, Ban worked to mobilize international efforts against a slate of global pressures including climate change, extreme poverty, and armed conflict to make the world a safer and more equitable place.

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