Reframing Autism as an Alternative Form of Consciousness

Rachael Harris
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Pythiism: Reframing Autism as an Alternative Form of Consciousness is the first new major theory of autism since 1944. It asserts that autism is based, not in the brain, but in the psyche: where mind interfaces with matter - a seismic shift in focus from empirical to intuitive observation. This theory re-examines not only the established major symptoms of autism, but also includes rarely or never covered areas of autism research: a psycho-evolutionary perspective, the existential emotions, and psychic phenomena and spirituality. Crucially, this work solves the anomalies of autism that scientific reductionism is unable to reach. It opens a conversation with academics, mental health professionals and, most importantly, people on the autism spectrum, presenting not only an equally valid point of reference for understanding themselves, but also a better one, revealing an alternative form of human consciousness hidden in plain sight.
Rachael Lee Harris is a psychotherapist in private practice based in Brisbane with over 12 years' experience specialising in treating both adults and children with high functioning autism (HFA). She has authored several books on the subject, including a contemplative therapy designed for both adults and children with high functioning autism. Rachael provides a unique contribution to the field of autism therapy and research from her perspective as a woman who, herself, has been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. Rachael is the only psychotherapist in Australia with autism specialising in this field, building a powerful sense of rapport, born of a shared perceptual framework. Rachael' s passion is to empower people on the autism spectrum through self-knowledge. Rachael' s therapeutic theory and practice flow out of her 30 year fascination for depth psychology, and her focus on ' meaning making' within the autism community. Book Publications:Pythiism: reframing autism as an alternative form of consciousness self-published Australia 2021 ISBN 978-0-6485344-1-9RIT for Kids (TM): Contemplative Therapy for Young Children on the Autism Spectrum (ages 5-12) Self-published Australia 2019 ISBN 978-0-6485344-0-2Contemplative Therapy for Clients on the Autism Spectrum: a Reflective Integration Therapy Manual for Psychotherapists and Counsellors published by JKP 2018 ISBN 9781785924071My Autistic Awakening: Unlocking the Potential for a Life Well Lived autobiography published by Rowman & Littlefield USA 2015 ISBN-13: 978-1442244498