The Psychic Test

The Psychic Test
Gary Nunn
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Award-winning journalist and natural sceptic Gary Nunn delves into the world of psychics, clairvoyants and astrologers to understand their uncanny power. It started with a news story: the fall of a respected Australian stockbroking firm. Gary followed up on whispers that the chairman had used a clairvoyant before making deals. Then he found that more than a quarter of us believe humans have psychic abilities, one in three Americans report having experienced a psychic moment and nearly half of the female population of the US claim they' ve felt the presence of a spirit. That sparked Gary' s investigation of the widespread, unregulated, unacknowledged power that psychics hold in our society today. The rich, the powerful and even government bodies consult psychics and astrologers. Princess Diana was a devotee; sports coaches often employ them; detectives use them in investigations; and belief in their talents is widely on the rise. In The Psychic Test, Gary Nunn exposes the great unchecked power psychics hold. He also tries out a number of psychics for himself, occasionally with hilarious results. The result is a thorough-going, personal and gripping look at how psychics often take the place of trained counsellors. Who' d have anticipated, in this post-truth age, our growing reliance on these mystical belief systems.