The Prison Doctor

Foreign Bodies

The Prison Doctor
Dr Amanda Brown
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From the Sunday Times Bestselling author Dr Amanda BrownRevisit the wold of The Prison Doctor, as she describes stories of her time spent with foreign national prisoners. In true Prison Doctor style Dr Amanda Brown tells heartbreaking stories with warmth and compassion of her time spent working with prisoners whose fate of deportation hangs in the balance. Including moving and memorable stories, such as a Nigerian man who' s dying of cancer and wants to do so with his family around him rather than be deported back to his country where he will die alone, and a Ghanian who is terrified to return home as he knows certain death awaits him there because he' s gay, Dr Amanda describes how in the end she can only do what she does best. And that' s take care of her patients while they' re in prison.
Dr Amanda Brown is a GP at the largest women-only prison in Europe, Bronzefield. Before transferring to work in prisons, Amanda was a regular NHS GP but gave up her practice because she disliked the way the job' s focus has shifted. She went on to work at a teenage detention centre, before moving on to Wormwood Scrubs and then finally to Bronzefield where she continues to work.