Principles of Finance with Excel (3rd Edition)

Principles of Finance with Excel (3rd Edition)
Simon Benninga
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Finance is a topic that requires much computation, and in today's business world that computation is almost entirely done using Microsoft Excel. Despite this, existing finance textbooks continue to rely heavily on hand calculators, and business school students find that when they leave the academic environment they have to relearn finance using Excel. Addressing this issue, Principles of Finance with Excel is the only introductory finance text that comprehensively integrates Excel into the teaching and practice of finance. The second edition covers the same topics as standard financial textbooks, including portfolios, capital asset pricing models, stock and bond valuation, capital structure, and dividend and optional policy, and can therefore be used in any introductory course. However, this text also introduces Excel as it applies to finance students, demonstrating and explaining the implementation of finance concepts with Excel, and providing thorough coverage of all Excel topics including graphs, function data tables, dates in Excel, Goal Seek, and Solver. Combining classroom-tested pedagogy with the powerful functions of Excel, Simon Benninga, one of the most recognised names in financial modelling, shows students how spreadsheets can provide new and deeper insights into financial decision making.