The Ocean Lover's Quotation Book

An Inspired Collection Celebrating the Beauty and Wonders of the Sea

The Ocean Lover's Quotation Book
Jackie Corley
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A collection of inspirational and meaningful quotes perfect for every lover of the great seas from beachcombers to passionate environmentalists. From the great sea shanties of yore to the hidden treasures still being discovered from its depths, the ocean is a vast and mysterious world sparking our curiosity, love and wonder. The Ocean Lover' s Quotation Book captures the imagination and the sense, while pondering the words and wisdom of some of the greatest writers and thinkers of all time about the the world under the sea and its fragile relationship with humanity.
Jackie Corley is a writer and editor based in the Hudson Valley. A graduate of the Bennington Writing Seminars, Jackie' s writing has appeared in Fourteen Hills, Redivider and 3AM Magazine, among others, and in various print anthologies.