The New Urban Ruins

Vacancy, Urban Politics and International Experiments in the Post-Crisis City

The New Urban Ruins
Cian O'Callaghan, Cesare Di Feliciantonio
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This book provides an innovative perspective to consider contemporary urban challenges through the lens of urban vacancy. Centering urban vacancy as a core feature of urbanization, the contributors coalesce new empirical insights on the impacts of recent contestations over the re-use of vacant spaces in post-crisis cities across the globe. Using international case studies from the Global North and Global South, it sheds important new light on the complexity of forces and processes shaping urban vacancy and its re-use, exploring these areas as both lived spaces and sites of political antagonism. It explores what has and hasn' t worked in re-purposing vacant sites and provides sustainable blueprints for future development.
Cian O' Callaghan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at Trinity College Dublin. Cesare Di Feliciantonio is a Lecturer in Human Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University.